Street Numbers

​​Here are the Street Numbers for the ​Lots at Bargara Headlands (SP315565);

​Lot Number

​Street Number

​Street Name

​Lot 1

Number ​2

​Headlands Esplanade ​*

​Lot 2

​Number 4

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 3

Number ​6

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 4

Number ​8

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 5

​Number 10

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 6

​Number 12

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 7

​Number 14

​Headlands Esplanade

Lot 8

​Number 16

​Headlands Esplanade ​

​Lot 9

​Number 18

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 10

​Number 20

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 11

​Number 22

​Headlands Esplanade ​

Lot 12

​Number 24

​Headlands Esplanade

Lot 13

​Number 26

​Headlands Esplanade

Lot 14

​Number 28

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 15

​Number 30

​Headlands Esplanade

Lot 16

​Number 32

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 17

​Number 34

​Headlands Esplanade

Lot 18

​Number 3

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 19

​Number 5

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 20

​Number 7

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 21

​Number 9

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 22

​Number 11

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 23

​Number 13

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 24

​Number 15

​Headlands Esplanade

Lot 25

​Number 17

​Headlands Esplanade ​*

​Lot 26

​Number 19

​Headlands Esplanade ​*

​Lot 27

​Number 21

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 28

​Number 23

​Headlands Esplanade

Lot 29

​Number 25

​Headlands Esplanade ​*

​Lot 30

​Number 27

​Headlands Esplanade ​*

​Lot 31

​Number 29

​Headlands Esplanade

Lot 32

​Number 31

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 33

​Number 33

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 34

​Number 35

​Headlands Esplanade

​Lot 35

​Number 37

​Headlands Esplanade

​​*When a property address is allocated to a corner block, an address can be given to each street frontage. The final address is determined by which street the dwelling fronts and/or accesses. Currently, this block has been numbered via Headlands Esplanade.

It’s On!

Bargara Headlands - Waterfront Land For Sale

​Bargara Headlands ​

​Moorhead Family Communities Bundaberg Pty Ltd purchased the land that is to become Bargara Headlands 5 years ago. During that time there have been literally dozens of meetings with all levels of government including the Bundaberg Regional Council and State and Federal Government departments.

We have also organized community meetings with adjoining landowners and other interested parties. This has been ongoing right up until now! During that time, numerous changes of design, inclusion of new items and exclusion of other town planning issues have been thoroughly debated in order to get the fantastic design approval that we have today.

We commissioned a digital terrain model to be made by our surveyors covering every square inch of Bargara Headlands from the waterfront to our western boundary and south to Innes Park and north to Bargara town centre. This way we could determine where to place new infrastructure especially roads to best capture glimpses of the Pacific Ocean, hear those rolling waves and feel the cool sea breezes.

Early on we determined that the Community would own the waterfront and coastline. We would only plant local native flora species. This works in nicely with the philosophy of Community, Connection and Environment that we are so passionate about.

It costs a fortune to get where we are today even before we start building roads, sewerage infrastructure, NBN fibre to the Premises, the Turtle Trail and community requested items such as drinking water stations, shelters and so on.

But ……. It’s on now! The main bridge crossing of Kalina Creek will start within days as soon as we have Operational Works approval from the Bundaberg Regional Council. Concrete culverts will be delivered shortly. We have ordered and paid for the Sewerage Pump Station that will service the whole estate. Bill’s two favourite local civil contractors; Gary Gorlick and Mick Hawe, have agreed to do that work and we are thrilled to have them on board again.

Our aim is to provide weekly video updates within a few weeks showing the progress on the ground. Stage one is incredibly exciting and hopefully will sell out before the plans are sealed around about Christmas this year.

So, if you want the best land in Bargara near the waterfront, then please click here and reserve your block with only a fully refundable $1,000 deposit.