​Bargara Headlands – Picture Gallery;

Here are a number of picture galleries showing the progress of Bargara Headlands. Double click on the images to view them. There are a few videos among the pictures as well.

May 2020

Houses are starting to pop up in Bargara Headlands Estate’s first stage. We have almost completed Stage 2 which we call the Fairfax Stage after the cul-de-sac’s name. Such a beautiful coastline, especially in the winter months.


We commissioned a local ceramic artist to make and install eleven mosaics around Bargara Headlands Estate. Have you seen them all?

April 2020

Some amazing days along the waterfront just a stones throw from Bargara Headlands. It is such a privilege to be able to live this close to the water. A stroll along the beach of an afternoon sees the cares of the day melt away.

March 2020

This was a very special month for us as we now have title deeds we can start to settle the many Contracts we have in train. The first of these was for Darryl and Lauri on Lot 10. This was so significant that we arranged for the banks and solicitors to attend settlement on the block at Bargara Headlands Estate.

February 2020

And finally the rains came and gave us some relief. Kalina Creek ran for the first time and our parks got some much needed fresh rain. The difference is amazing with the grass now growing. Our trees have also had a spurt which is excellent. But more importantly on the 28th of February we finally got the plan for the first stage registered and title deeds issued.

January 2020

This month saw a massive milestone for us. The official opening without any officials and the Auction of Lot 17. You can see all the cars lined up and the people who attended. Lot 17 didn’t sell at Auction … but that’s ok. It is waiting for the right person.

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November 2019

October 2019

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