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Community means more to us than just homes next to each other. It means a sense of belonging; a sharing of similar values and appreciating similar things. Things like serenity, safety, a desire to get along and care about important things. That is why we have devoted almost all the coastline to the Community rather than letting a few people own it. There will be lots of places for the community to meet with each other and enjoy our natural coastal beauty.


The Bargara Headlands Estate boasts real connectivity with the ocean being situated right on the coast. You will be able to hear the ocean from all blocks and see the ocean from many blocks. You will easily and safely be able to walk, ride or run to the foreshore without crossing busy roads. We will have NBN Fibre to the Premises - Fast, Reliable Internet Connection for every block. This will be the fastest and most efficient internet in Bargara and allow for real connectivity to the wider world.....from home.


All of the thousands of trees, scrubs, reeds and grasses that we have already planted are local native species mainly grown at Bundaberg Land Care specifically for Bargara Headlands Estate. Our road and footpath lighting will be P5 or better Turtle Light standard reducing the overall light pollution. A Residential Turtle Light Standard Management Plan will also be initiated for all new dwellings. This will save energy costs for residents, reduce glare and enhance the natural ambience of Bargara Headlands at night.


Development has now been completed on the First Stages of Bargara Headlands Estate and most of the blocks have sold out. But we are charging ahead with development and will have the new The Hayman & Irving Stages ready before the end of the year, so you will be able to get hte Building Boost grants. We have published our new plan and price list here.

If you are interested in Buying Land in this new Estate don't hesitate to take a drive through. If you are interested in talking to someone, please get in touch by email using our contact form or calling Grant (Molly) Davies on 0419 818 315. 

If you know which block you want then you can get an automated email sent to you with the procedure on how to buy a Block of Land at Bargara Headlands Estate. Just send an email to buy@bargaraheadlands.com.au.

This is real coastal living unlike any other with the ocean right on your doorstep.

Where else can you buy a block of land this close to the water?

Bargara Headlands Estate


Bargara Headlands Estate is Open for Sale.

Contact Grant Davies today if you would like to purchase a block in this amazing,
and high quality estate.

Containers For Change

We support and Encourage the Container For Change Program and have installed a C4C Bin at the Park on Headlands Esplanade.
The proceeds of the containers collected will go to LandCare to purchase more trees that we will plant at Bargara Headlands Estate.
You could donate your containers by quoting the following Account Number: C10216715
Below is our running total collected from the bin;

Total Raised to Date: $813.00

Bill Moorhead - Developer of Bargara Headlands

Bill Moorhead is the Managing Director of Moorhead Family Communities Bundaberg Pty Ltd, the developer of Bargara Headlands. We showcase a short video here of Bill as he discusses the reasons why he is developing Bargara Headlands. 


Use the Contact Form below to get in touch with us.

Or call Grant (Molly) Davies on 0419 818 315.

    Bargara Headlands
    Bargara Headlands is developed by Moorhead Family Communities Bundaberg