Coastal Land For Sale - Bargara Headlands Estate

Coastal Land for sale right on the water is not that easy to come by these days. What is sometimes advertised as "Coastal Land For Sale" most of the time turns out that to still be a drive to get to the beach. And if you find something it will be priced out of reach. Bargara Headlands Estate offers a real connection to the coast for a very affordable price. So why not take a look!

Bargara Headlands Estate is a Master Planned community that will consist of over 300 residential and commercial lots of land for sale on the Bargara Coastline. The Master Plan allows for commercial blocks and some scope for small lots and multi unit dwellings.

Environmental aspects have been taken into consideration in the design and development of Bargara Headlands Estate. The Developer has worked with nature to enhance the beauty that already exists along our coastline. The storm water from the estate is polished through Water Sensitive Urban Designed (WSUD) wetlands with many reeds, shrubs and trees being planted around the areas now dedicated as park or reserve and owned by the Council. The Developer has also given the whole coastal strip to the community to enjoy as opposed to being locked up by private owners.

The Fraser Stage is being built now with most blocks under contract. We do have a couple of blocks that have come back on the market so check out the plan and price list below and if you would like to purchase one contact Grant (Molly).

If you want to know about the future stages of Bargara Headlands Estate please get in touch with us via our Contact Form or by calling Grant (Molly) on 0419818315.

Below is a plan and price list which is up to date. As you can see a lot are orange and blue. This means they are either sold or under contract. If anything comes back on the market, it will go green. If you see a green block please contact me straight away on the contact form.

Our next Stage is called the Headlands Green Stage. It will encompass our 5 acre wetlands or Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and Commercial Lots. There will be some amazing blocks in this stage including townhouse ready lots. Use our Contact Form to contact Molly to get an idea on what they might look like.

Call Grant (Molly) Davies on 0419 818 315 or email grant@bargaraheadlands.com.au.

You can also send an email to buy@bargaraheadlands.com.au to receive an automated response on how to Buy at Bargara Headlands Estate.

The Fraser Stage

Only a few left!!

We are building the Fraser Stage as we speak. The weather has been kind. These blocks will have titles in July this year. Although a lot of these blocks are currently Under Contract, we do have a couple left. Contact Molly to secure one.

We will be forging on with the Headlands Green Stage as soon as The Fraser Stage is finished. This is a big Stage with a variety of different coastal allotments as well as the introduction of some commercial spaces and townhouse ready blocks. We will put a plan and price list out for this Stage around May/June this year completion and creation of title deeds for them anticipated after Christmas. If you want a preliminary plan of these blocks contact Molly on the Contact Form.

Keep an eye on this page as it is updated nearly every day. 

Contact Grant (Molly) Davies to secure your Lot today;
Email: grant@bargaraheadlands.com.au or Call: 0419 818 315

If you already know which Lot you want then send an email to; buy@bargaraheadlands.com.au to receive a return email with the process on how to buy your block at Bargara Headlands Estate.

Bargara Headlands Estate is For Sale NOW!